2015-10-30 11:46:03
Alcătuiți 5 propoziții atributive și 5 predicative în limba engleză..(vă rog cât mai dezvoltate)
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2015-10-30 12:14:28

Atributive: This books looks as old as my Grandpa. (how it looks? )                  This cake belong to Maria                  He bought a book from that new library.                  This shirts is expensive,it costs 43$                  My grandma is wise. Predicative: We are going to pool right now                     Will you buy her a present?                     My English Teacher taught me some new verbs                     Are you going to behave your self?                     Andrei is rude to Andreea. Nu sunt prea dezvoltate,scuze... Cat despre nume,poti sa le schimbi tu.:))

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