2015-11-06 15:16:33
Am nevoie urgent !! DAU COROANA!!!
Răspunsuri la întrebare
2015-11-06 18:10:42

1.She will be delighted when she hear this. 2.He will wake up when we turn the light on. 3.When I be here for a year I will ask for a rice. 4.The car will not move till you take the brakes off. 5.The train will have left before we reach the station. 6.You can go when you type these letters. 7.Turn the lights out when you leave. 8.Before you know it ,yuor children will have grown up. 9.We will stay in the cottage until the fog clears. 10.Unfortunately,your eyesight will gradually worsen as you get older. 11.When the Queen arrive the audience will stand up. 12.You will see my house on the right as you cross the bridge. 13.After I paint the kitchen I will change the wallpaper in the badroom. 14.I will not give up before I finish what I want to do. 15.He will wash up before he go to bed. 16.You will get a shock when you open that box. 17.When you see the cathedral  we will go to the museum. 18.You will feel better when you have something to eat. 19.When you look at the photo you will see what I mean. 20.I will wait here until you be ready. 21.The lift will not start unless you press that button. 22.When I get cold I will light the fire. 23.As soon as everybody go to bed mice will come out of their holes. 24.Will he ring us when he arrive in England ? 25.When winter begin  the swallows will fly away to the warmer countery. 26.I will bolt all the doors before I go to bed. When the boa constrictor eat the goat it will become very lethargic. .

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